- In 1952 the "Yungshin Pharmacy" was founded, specializing in the wholesaling and retailing of European and American medicines.

- In 1952 the "Yungshin Pharmacy" was founded


- Dr.Tiente Lee, the founder of“Yungshin”, studied in Osaka, Japan, During his earlier years, Dr. TienTe Lee developed tenacity acquired business techniques and managerial concepts from the local merchants.After returning to Taiwan, Dr. Lee started working at Dajia Service Office (today’s Town Office) where he felt that he was unable to express his expertise in governmental work; therefore, he then moved to Taipei and worked at a trading company specialized in the import of pharmaceutical products.

- 會長 李天德先生銅像


- YSP was officially opened to the public, with the capital raised to 2 million NT.


- Taipei Service Center was established to improve customer service and promotion.

- 左上第一位為 李天德先生


- Established the “Kaohsiung Service Center” to provide better services.
Approved by the authority in November for qualifying to manufacture and market Injectable products; raised capital to 14 million NT.

- 1974(民國63年)第二屆永信杯排球賽,球員宣誓


- Constructed Mt. Tiejhan Recreation and Activity Center for the employees.Held the 1st Yungshin Cup Volleyball Championship, participated by 23 teams.


- Expand the plants and invest new production and sophisticated quality-control equipment.

The first to introduce precision chemical-analysis instruments such as FLOWCOATER and IR.GC.HPLC in order to further enhance quality. Raised capital to 21 million NT.

- 獨家採用FLOWCOATER及IR.GC.HPLC等精密化學分析儀器,以提高品質,供應市場需求


- Establish Yungshin Social Welfare Foundation for charity, emergency relief programs, and youth activities.


- Established the Youth Plant to manufacture and sell veterinary medicines.

Merged with Yongbao Co., and raised 1.5 million NT and reach to 22.5 million NT in capital.


- Establish the Information Center,introduce computerized management to the company, and raised capital to 62 million NT.


- Merged with Yungli; raised 10 million NT and reach to 72 million NT in capital.


- Contruct new injection plant in Taichung Youth Industrial Park, which is designed to be in compliance with GMP standards.

- 幼獅廠是符合 GMP 標準之針劑製造廠


- Establishment the “Yungshin Daycare Center,” and construct new GMP-certified plants for general oral dosage.The capital raised 89 million NT.


- The new GMP-certified plant for general oral doage suitated in Youth Industrial Park was completed, and the bio-availability laboratory was established for conducting research. The capital raised to 170 million NT.


- Certify by the Department of Health as to be the first privately-owned pharmaceutical company that is in compliance with CMP standard for all finished dosages.

Increase investment on R&D and actively conduct researchs for expanding the business territory; raised capital to 190 million NT.


- Company shares was publicly issued.
In order to expand the plants and update the hardware, the undistributed profit of 1987 and shareholders’ dividend was used to raise capital to 235 million NT.


- Capital raised to 360 million NT.
For improving the hardwares of warehouse, storage,and purchasing the equipments for production and QC, the undistributed profit of 1988 and employees’ dividend was used to raise capital.


- Capital raised to 500 million NT.
In order to expand the plants and improve the air-conditioning system and other machineries, the undistributed profit of 1989 and employees’ dividend was used to raise capital.


- Capital raised to 700 million NT.
In order to increase overseas investment and pay back bank loans, the undistributed profit of 1980 and employees’ dividend was used to raise capital.


- In January, the Financial Supervisory Commission of the Ministry of Finance approved Yungshin as class-A shares and was officially published; on May 3rd.

- 1993(民國82年)股票上市合照


- In order to establish antibiotic plants, R&D centers, automated warehouses, and overseas investment, a cash amount of 200 million NT was added for increasing the capital to 1,062,470,000 NT.


- In March, YSP invested and established Zi-li International Co., and raised capital to 1,168,717,000 NT.
From starting marketing the health food products through network , Yungshin gradually enters into medical and healthcare fields; the undistributed profit of 1994 was used to raise capital.


- Establish cosmetics business; raised capital to 1,285,588,700 NT.
Launch the brand, Sha-fei-li-ya products for beauty and skincare products; raised capital with accumulation fund.


- Launch health foods, and establish the fermentation and Chinese medicine plants.
Rais capital to 1,414,147,570 NT.


- Received the Golden Quality Award in the Category of Pharmaceutical Plant from the National Pharmaceutical Quality Award.
Rais capital to 1,696,977,080 NT.


- Rais capital to establish new antibiotic plants, and receiv the Quality Bio-technology Industry Development Award.
Rais capital to 2,196,850,000 NT.


- Rais capital to 2,416,535,000 NT.
Win another Benchmark Award in the Category of Industrial Reputation from the Common Wealth Magazine.


- Win the Industrial Sustainable Excellence Award from MOE.
Paclitaxel, a new anti-cancer drug, was the drug product that officially listed in the National Health Insurance and Yungshin has commercially produced and launched in the market.


- The phase I pre-clinical relevant tests of the new leading product “Long-Acting Nalbuphine Analgesic Injection” have been completed. The active pharmaceutical ingredients “Lovastatin” was certified by FDA, USA.


- The “Carlsbad Beauty” series of dietary supplement started to be sold in the market. The Health Express magazine started to be issued.


- YSP Southeast Asia Holding-was listed in public Yungshin received four certifications from the U.S.
FDA (Cephalexin, Cephalclor, Pancrelipase, and Meloxicam).
Dr. Lee, founder of Yungshin established the "TienTe Lee Biomedical Foundation".

- 2004(民國93年)馬來西亞永信上市


- In March, Yungshin and Chung Shan Medical University entered an agreement for establishing the “Yungshin Tiente Medical Seminar.”
In November, Dr. Fang-chuan,Lee took over the presidency of Yungshin.


- In June, completed the the preparatory plan of the “Project oThef Establishmenting of General Injection Plant for human” was finalized.
the Standards of the Plant Producing General Injected Medical Products for Humans.”


- Start constructing the Injection Plant for human drug.
Receiv “2007 Industrial Sustainable Excellence Award” in October.
Receiv 2007 “National Sustainable Development Award” in November.

- 2007(民國96年)工業精銳獎 / 永續發展獎


- The construction of the Injection Plant was completed.
Successfully technology transfer the fermentation tech. to the European client.

- 2008(民國97年)新針劑場外觀


- March Health Assurance Care (HAC) opened at the original site of former Yungshin Pharmacy in Dajia.
- July Became Taiwan’s first drug manufacturer that passed PIC/S GMP certification.
- October Youshi Plant I and Youshi Plant III passed the on-site inspection of PMDA of Japan.
- HAC’s Lutein Capsules and Probiotic Capsules were granted Symbol of National Quality SNQ; HAC’s Q10 Natolin Capsules passed the national health food certification.

- 2009(民國98年)「HAC健康生活館」開幕


-September Obtained the Outstanding Enterprise Innovation Award from Ministry of Economic Affairs
- October Obtained the National Brand Yushan Award (Outstanding Enterprise Category).
- 2010 shareholders’ meeting resolved to accept the establishment of Yungshin Global Holding Corporation through transfer of shares, making it become a subsidiary 100% owned by Yungshin.
- December The establishment of Yungshin Global Holding Corporation was approved by Financial Supervisory Commission.



- January 3 Yungshin Pharm Ind. Co. Ltd. was officially converted to Yungshin Global Holding Corporation, which was listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange. Yungshin Pharm Ind. Co. Ltd. maintained its public offering.
- January Yungshin Pharm Ind. Co. Ltd. was awarded Taiwan’s first brand in the pharmaceutical industry in 2011.



- April Consultant Lee, Fang-Yu took over an office as Chairman of Yungshin Pharm Ind. Co. Ltd.
- HAC’s Hepa Care Tablets the national health food certification.


- Yungshin Pharm Ind. Co. Ltd. was awarded the 1st Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprise.
- YoCome Lutein Capsules was the only healthcare product that was awarded 2013 Top 10 Aggressive Products by Business Weekly.
- April Organized the 1st Yungshin Slow Pitch Softball Contest.
- HAC’s Health GO APP was launched.


- March HAC’s LiqLutein Capsules was awarded Health Brand by readers of Common Health Magazine (for two consecutive years).
- March HAC’s Q10 Natolin Capsules was awarded Health Brand by readers of Common Health Magazine (for four consecutive years).
- The injection plant received the inspection of British MHRA.
- November HAC organized the 1st Lohas Bear Carnival (with Taiwan Teddy Bear Association for the first time).


- On March 27, 2015, the board of directors acted on behalf of the shareholders’ meeting to assign 100% of shares and operating assets and liabilities of YSP INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED to Yungshin Formosa Holding Corporation 100% owned by Yungshin Global Holding Corporation, with the split date on June 1, 2015.
- On December 25, 2015 Yungshin Pharm Ind. Co. Ltd. launched J'FANCY BEAUTÉ with experts in cosmetic surgery and anti-aging medicine as witnesses.


- Yungshin Pharm Ind. Co. Ltd. developed animal health by acquiring 100% of shares of Zoetis Biotech Manufacturing Limited and completing transfer of shares on April 29, 2016. Zoetis Biotech Manufacturing Limited was renamed Vetnostrum Animal Health Co., Ltd.
- The biotech food plant passed the ISO 9001:2015 certification and the FSSC 22000 & HACCP certification.
- Yungshin Pharm Ind. Co. Ltd. was awarded Excellent Business Engaged in E-invoice Issuance by Ministry of Finance in 2016.


- January 1 Yungshin Pharm Ind. Co. Ltd. integrated its animal-related business into Vetnostrum Animal Health Co., Ltd. in the hopes of integrating animal health business and resources and achieving excellent performance.
- Yungshin Pharm Ind. Co. Ltd. integrated its animal-related business into Vetnostrum Animal Health Co., Ltd.
- August Yungshin Pharm Ind. Co. Ltd. was awarded Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility in Little Giant Category by CommonWealth Magazine.

- Corporate Social Responsibility in Little Giant Category in 2017

- Yungshin Pharm Ind. Co. Ltd. integrated its animal-related business into Vetnostrum Animal Health Co., Ltd.

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