There are approximately 700 kinds of products are manufactured by the Company, including human drugs, cosmetics, dietary supplements, active pharmaceutical ingredients and specialty chemicals. Currently, the sales of medical products account for about 79.42% of the revenue, OEM products account for 10.16%, food products account for 6.78%, distributed products account for 3.25% and cosmetics account for 0.39%.

Important uses of main products

The important uses of the main products include being used as drugs for nervous system, circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system and being used as drugs for metabolism, fighting cancer, urinary and reproductive system, antimicrobial use and topical medication. All products meet the PIC/S GMP standard and are certified for manufacturing.

International Presence

Yung Shin has quietly made significant presence in the territories such as North America, South-East Asia, Japan, and Mid-East. In order to extend its development in global expansion, a new business unit, Global Business Cooperation Dept. was set in place this year for pursuing more business partnership in time for challenging international markets.

Business Volume

In terms of sales, Yungshin reached 4,352,890,000 NT which is with 1.2% growth comparing to 2015.

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