Domestic Agents and Distributors

Yungshin has been awarded Selling Power
in the pharmaceutical industry by Breakazine

Distribution Network

For many years, Yungshin has built a sales network among hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, drug stores, and e-commerce platforms.

  • hospital

  • clinic

  • drugstore

  • pharmacy

  • E-commerce

Healthcare and Cosmetics OEM

Yungshin is one of the earliest drug manufacturers that have obtained Good Manufacturing Practice in Taiwan. In recent years, Yungshin has actively invested in healthcare products, aesthetic medicine, cosmetics, liquid and lotions.

SU, Meng-Wen Manager

TEL : +886-4-26875100 ext 215

FAX : +886-4-26862695

Mail : [email protected]

CHUANG, Hsin-Ju Manager

TEL :+886-4-26875100 ext 220

FAX : +886-4-26862695

Mail : [email protected]

Cooperate with Us

Global Drug OEM

Boasting the outstanding R&D team, best quality process control, precise high-tech testing, and high-level packaging and automated warehousing facilities, Yungshin manufactures human/animal drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients, health products, cosmetics, and special chemicals.

Contact Dept Global Business Cooperation Division

TEL : +886-4-26815181 ext510

FAX : +886-4-26813672

Mail : [email protected]

Cooperate with Us
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